Work History

Ronan Green

3rd Year College Student At SETU Studying Bachelor Of Science Honours In Software Development


I'm a hard working and dedicated individual. I love pushing my self and solving problems that push me to my limits and make me a better programmer. I'm enthusiastic when it comes to front end and back end development and I'm constantly seeking to improve. I have great time management and above all else im punctual and reliable. I'm looking for a company that will help me grow during and after college.

Current GPA: 59.83

2nd Year Results:

Web Programming and Databases - 63%

Discrete Structures and Algorithims I - 66%

Computer Architecture - 61%

Object Oriented Software Development - 60%

System, Analysis, Design and Testing - 56%

Project (Software Development)- 53%


years of professional experience
years of post-secondary education

Work History

Kitchen Porter

Lazy River Cafe
Carlow, Co.Carlow
2023.05 - Current

This job is a prep kitchen for the lazy River cafe.

Duties include:

•Cooking/Frying an food for orders that may come in from either bars, restaurant's or events such as funerals, birthdays.

•Washing dishes which.

•Cleaning shelves and organising produce in fridges or on shelves.

•Preparing salads, trayed food and other dishes with meat and vegetables or soups.

•Feeding Ukrainians for dinner and lunch.

•Emptying the bins.

•Cleaning the vans and the outside area.

Traffic Management

Kildare, Co.Kildare
2022.08 - 2023.01

For this job my duties were:

•Making sure the customer are welcomed in a friendly and professional manner.

•Aiding and answering and problems or questions a customer may have.

•Manage traffic I'm high pressure and erratic situations.

•Communicate in a fast and effective manner to the team and managers.

•Ensuring that pedestrians are safe and people can park easily and safely.

•Looking after an deliveries that come in and parking buses which may arrive.

•Working with multiple people at once to achieve and efficient and effective service.


Kinnitty Castle Hotel
Kinnitty, Co.Offaly
2019.05 - 2020.08

A porter in kinnitty castle was my first job which I got after working from January to May on Transition Year work experience.


• Escorting guests to their rooms whil also carrying their luggage.

•Making sure bars are stocked and changing kegs.

• Frequently and adequately stocking accommodation closets.

Helping guests with any issues they might have or answering questions they may want answers to.

•Working with reception to resolve problems that might arise.

•Doing general tasks such as vacuuming, emptying glass bottle bins and taking out the rubbish.

•Setting up the dining arrangement for weddings.

•Helping other areas such as waiting staff if they get overwhelmed.


Bachelor of Science - Honours in Software Development

SETU Carlow (South East Technological University), Carlow
2021.09 - Current


Communication: Working in the hospitality sector for a few years has really helped my with communicating with people from all backgrounds and personalities, not only with colleagues but also with the public or customers.



Kitchen Porter - Lazy River Cafe
2023.05 - Current
Traffic Management - G4S
2022.08 - 2023.01
SETU Carlow (South East Technological University) - Bachelor of Science, Honours in Software Development
2021.09 - Current
Porter - Kinnitty Castle Hotel
2019.05 - 2020.08
Ronan Green3rd Year College Student At SETU Studying Bachelor Of Science Honours In Software Development